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Scotland’s most northerly estuary on the east coast is a large tidal basin surrounded by dunes, saltmarsh and pine woodland. This wide range of habitats supports a huge variety of wildlife. So, whatever the season, it’s always a good time to visit Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Ospreys return to their nests around the loch in spring, while creeping lady’s-tresses, twinflower and wintergreen bring colour to the reserve’s woods. Terns return from Africa in summer, and butterflies and moths spend the warm days flitting among marram grass on the dunes.

Vast numbers of waterfowl and waders come and go in autumn and winter. The waters, mudflats and saltmarsh of Loch Fleet NNR make it a superb feeding ground for all sorts of species. Look out for shelduck, wigeon, eider, oystercatcher and greylag goose, among many others.

Read our leaflet to see what else Loch Fleet NNR has to offer. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars – there’s plenty to see from the hide in Balblair Wood. 

Published: 2019
Language: English/Gaelic

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