Visit Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve

Just west of Stirling, Flanders Moss is one of Britain’s largest intact raised bogs. Come and discover this ever-changing landscape and its patchwork carpet of reds, greens and oranges. Listen to the sounds of bog life all around and discover more about its 8,000-year history.

What is a raised bog? Bog mosses are essentially giant compost heaps. But, instead of rotting away, the dead plant material (peat) piles up and eventually forms domes. Today, the peat domes at Flanders Moss rise 7 metres above the land, hence ‘raised’ bog.

Extending over 3 square miles, the Moss is a remote and wild place. Meander along the boardwalk to discover all that this fascinating landscape has to offer, and climb atop the viewing tower for a bird’s-eye view.

As you stroll around, keep your eyes and ears tuned in. In spring and summer, you’ll hear the noisy calls of nesting birds and you may even spot a lizard basking on the boardwalk. And Flanders Moss offers something new every time you visit – from the white sea of cotton grass in the spring to heather’s vibrant burst of purple in late summer.

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Published: 2010

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