Visit Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve

Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve (NNR) is perhaps an unexpected place to find a botanical paradise. Rare arctic-alpine plants, like alpine lady’s mantle, survive – and thrive – here in the harsh mountain environment.

Take in the full expanse of this landscape sculpted by ice. Follow the Corrie Fee Trail to the edge of Glen Doll forest and look out over the natural amphitheatre of Corrie Sharroch and the slopes of Craig Rennet.

Meander along the burn as it flows down the corrie, looking out for milkwort and tormentil as well as bog cotton and bog asphodel. Roe deer roam here, and you may even glimpse a golden eagle soaring on high.

Learn more about visiting Corrie Fee NNR in this leaflet, including what to bring with you to explore the site fully.

Published: 2015

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