Upland Pathwork Construction Standards for Scotland

This manual provides guidance on when and where to use various pathwork techniques and how to construct and maintain paths.

It has been designed for all those involved in upland pathwork, though many of the principles also apply to lowland paths. It can be read alongside Upland Path Management, which covers the process of managing an upland path project.

Both manuals share the overall aim of effectively managing the impacts of access to our uplands. This approach can help to safeguard the exceptional scenic qualities of Scotland’s mountains for all to enjoy.

The Upland Pathwork manual has four sections:

  1. Introduction to upland pathwork – the basic principles of path management and factors to consider before starting any pathwork
  2. Upland path drainage
  3. Upland path services
  4. Upland path site restoration

See also: Upland Path Management: Standards for delivering path projects in Scotland’s mountains

Pages: 172
Published: 2015

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