Upland Path Management: Standards for delivering path projects in Scotland's mountains

This manual covers the entire process of managing an upland path project – from developing a proposal to project delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Anyone involved in upland path management will find the manual useful, and many of the principles also apply to lowland paths. It can be read alongside Upland Pathwork, which covers practical pathwork techniques.

Both manuals share the overall aim of effectively managing the impacts of access to our uplands. This approach can help to safeguard the exceptional wild land qualities of Scotland’s mountains for all to enjoy.

The Upland Path Management manual has five sections:

  1. Project planning – from path repair as a right solution to planning for ongoing maintenance
  2. Path surveying – from area surveys to condition and specification surveys
  3. Management of path contract teams
  4. Management of health and safety in pathwork –including relevant legislation
  5. Training and development

See also Upland Pathwork: Construction Standards for Scotland

Published: 2016
Pages: 224

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