Tentsmuir Time Line Trail - A landscape through time

Tentsmuir is one of the most dynamic coastlines in Scotland, with swirling currents and tides constantly moving sand and creating new shorelines. Follow the Tentsmuir Time Line Trail mapped out in this leaflet to discover the fascinating past of this fluctuating coastline.

Tentsmuir sits at the mouth of the River Tay, which disgorges more water and sediment than any other river in Britain. Over time, sand has gradually built up, and the shoreline has extended eastwards over the centuries. Around 9,000 years ago, the shoreline lay about 3 miles further inland than it does today!

Follow the trail mapped out in this leaflet to admire 10 sculptures dotted around Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve and Forest. Each symbolises a different point in time on this fascinating coastline. Discover what the landscape looked like, the people that lived here and the creatures that roamed this shoreline.

Pages: 13
Published: 2011

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