SNH Review 83 - The ecology and restoration of montane and subalpine scrub habitats in Scotland

A seminar in 1996 brought together experts to discuss the potential restoration of scrub habitats in Scotland. This report documents the discussions and decisions made.

Scrub habitats are those in which shrubs and small trees are prominent. The habitats of interest in this report are those at high altitudes, namely in alpine (or montane) and subalpine zones.

This type of habitat is now severely restricted in Scotland. But, if such habitats were expanded, the benefits could be significant for the range of wildlife that they support, including invertebrates and foraging birds.

The seminar was part of a project supported by the Millennium Forest for Scotland initiative. The project aimed to (1) raise awareness of such habitats by identifying their value to upland Scotland and (2) provide a framework for their restoration.

This report outlines the state of knowledge on scrub habitats in Scotland, as well as the main issues affecting their restoration and the priorities for action.

Pages: 132
Published: 1997

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