SNH Research Report 1178 - A woodland profile survey and assessment of herbivore impacts within the Doire Donn SSSI

SNH has a statutory role to ensure that deer are managed sustainably. In 2016 Ardnamurchan and East Loch Shiel Deer Management Groups (DMGs) were assessed amongst the poorest performing and so further investigation was needed to assess impacts from deer or other herbivores within designated sites in these DMG areas to help understand the scale and urgency of issues related to deer management and consider the best approach to resolve these. It is recognised that the performance of both these DMGs has improved since the 2016 assessment. Nine in depth surveys were carried out in 2018 involving woodland profile surveys and/or herbivore impact assessment covering woodland, blanket bog, upland and saltmarsh features on designated sites within these two DMGs.

Pages: 63
Published: 2020

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