SNH Research Report 1075 - Scapa Flow proposed Special Protection Area (pSPA) - inshore wintering waterfowl survey 2017/18

This report describes a shore and boat-based survey in winter 2017/18 of eight species of waterfowl within the Scapa Flow proposed Special Protection Area (pSPA).  Four complete counts between November and March confirmed the high and continued importance of these waters to seven of these species, many of which migrate to Orkney from more northerly breeding grounds to overwinter. The peak numbers recorded included 15% or more of the GB wintering populations of great northern diver, Slavonian grebe and long-tailed duck, 7% of black-throated diver and over 1% of common eider and red-breasted merganser, together with 2% of the Northern European population of European shag.  Numbers of common goldeneye were substantially lower than previously recorded. The report includes distribution maps of all eight species within the Scapa Flow pSPA.

Pages: 78
Published: 2018

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