SNH Commissioned Report 919 - A review of the social, economic and environmental benefits and constraints linked to wild land in Scotland

In 2014, Scottish Natural Heritage identified and published a map of 42 distinct Wild Land Areas in Scotland. Wild Land Areas are the expanses of land where the qualities of wildness – remoteness, ruggedness, perceived naturalness, and absence of human influences – are most evident.

This study reviews and updates previous estimates of wild land benefits. An ecosystem approach was used to identify the range of benefits produced by wild land – from economic benefits brought by tourism and recreation to vital ecosystem services.

Benefits couldn’t be quantified with precision. But 10 Wild Land Area case studies were used to explore wild land benefits and constraints in more detail – and how these affect management. Wild land qualities were generally seen as having local and national importance, and key to promoting the areas.

Pages: 109
Published: 2017

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