SNH Commissioned Report 304: The Economic Impact of Scotland's Natural Environment

This report reveals – for the first time – the extent to which sustainable use of Scotland’s natural environment supports our economy. In 2003, sustainable use of the natural environment by industry was estimated at £17.2 billion, supporting around 11% of all full-time jobs in Scotland.

The report shows that 20% of Scotland’s industry sectors significantly depend on the natural environment. This proportion would be even higher if extractive industries using non-renewable resources were included.

Scotland’s natural environment is also important to businesses, with two-thirds of businesses believing they benefit from the country’s environment. There are also a number of wider benefits, such as branding, attracting people to live and work in Scotland, and providing ecosystem services.

Find out how sustainable use of the natural environment will help secure Scotland’s prosperity in the future.

Pages: 62
Published: 2008

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