SNH Commissioned Report 29 - Overview of Scotland's national programme of Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape character is the distinct pattern of elements found consistently in a specific type of landscape. Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) shows us the variety in our landscapes and helps us to understand what makes one landscape different from another.

This report reviews the Scotland-wide programme of LCA, including 30 LCA reports and a geographic information system (GIS) database. The LCA programme gives us a clear, systematic coverage of landscape issues. It is the first full-coverage, detailed LCA programme completed in Europe and a key tool for SNH staff.

Read about how the programme can be promoted more widely by providing web access and a network for LCA users. Find out how stakeholders can be involved in a review of the national database and make suggestions to improve the LCA system and maximise its effectiveness.

Pages: 116
Published: 2004

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