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SNH Commissioned Report 193 - A conservation framework for the golden eagle implications for the conservation and management of golden eagles in Scotland

The golden eagle is one of Scotland’s most spectacular and iconic birds. But analysis of data from eagle territories in Scotland has revealed many constraints on the species. Most of all are sustained persecution in some areas and the consequences of heavy grazing. These must be addressed if golden eagles are to achieve favourable conservation status.

In 2002, a conservation framework was proposed for the golden eagle in Scotland. This introduces effective site and species protection measures. It also implements conservation policies targeting known constraints across the golden eagle’s current range.

Read about the tests made to assess the conservation status of the golden eagle population in Scotland. These were carried out using SNH’s Natural Heritage Zones as regional divisions, and the results of national surveys of golden eagles undertaken in 1982, 1992 and 2003.

Pages: 163
Published: 2008

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