SNH Board meeting - 11 March 2020

SNH Board Meeting - Wednesday 11 March 2020

Silvan House, Edinburgh. 

Start Time: 11:00

Agenda Items

1.Unconfirmed Minutes and Action Points*
2.Chair's Report - oral report
3.Deputy Chair's Report - oral report
4.Audit and Risk Committee Quarterly Report - oral report
5.Board and Committees - Terms or Reference/Standing Orders Review
6.Connection People & Nature - Year 3 Business Plan
7.Delivering the Corporate Plan by Influencing NPF4
8.Deep Dive - Operational Costs Update* 
9.What will a Nature-rich Future look like and what will drive its development
10.Dunnet Forrest - Asset Transfer
11.Chief Executive's Report - oral report
12.Biodiversity Programme Board/SBS/International Conference - Info Paper
13.Forward draft agenda - 06 May 2020

 * indicates paper is Official-Sensitive