SNH Archive Report 021: An assessment of herbivore impacts on notified upland habitats within Ben Vorlich Site of Special Scientific Interest

In 2008 a survey of herbivore impacts was carried out at 148 random waypoints within the subalpine wet heath, tall herb ledges and alpine flushes habitats on Ben Vorlich SSSI using the methods described by MacDonald et at 1998. Within the subalpine wet heath the overall herbivore impacts were assessed as high at 65% of samples and the trend was chronically high at 95% of samples. Within the tall herb ledge vegetation the he grazing impacts on were assessed as high in 66% samples and the trend was high at 85% of samples. Within the alpine flushes herbivore impacts were assessed as low at 70% of samples. Sheep were considered to be responsible for most of the herbivore impacts across all the habitats monitored.

Pages: 39
Published: 2015

SNH Archive Report 021