SNH Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

It has been a year of notable change for SNH. This is the first annual report since our appointments to the posts of Chair in May 2017 and Chief Executive in October 2017. In addition to our appointments, we have also seen changes to our Senior Leadership Team. Whilst we have had a firm focus on delivering our priorities for 2017/18, we have also had an eye to the future and have begun to make changes that will provide a stronger focus on the benefits that connecting people and nature can provide.

The final year of our corporate planning period was 2017/18. There have been important political changes affecting Scotland since the Corporate Plan was written in 2015 – such as the new Programme for Government, the EU referendum and the Scottish Government’s new Climate Change Plan – and we refreshed our Corporate Plan for 2017/18 to take account of these.

Pages: 110
Published: 2018

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