SNH Advice on Coastal and Marine National Parks

Produced in response to Scottish Government proposals for a coastal and marine National Park, this advice outlines our findings on how such a Park might operate.

Scotland’s coasts make up nearly one-tenth of Europe’s coastline, making them a world-class resource. And the seas around Scotland sustain a valuable range of human activity, wildlife and natural resources. As a possible way of managing these resources better, in 2005 the Scottish Government proposed the designation of a coastal and marine National Park.

SNH consulted over 350 stakeholders in producing this advice. There was broad support for a coastal and marine National Park. However, some –notably fishing groups – expressed reservations, fearing that a Park would impose more bureaucracy.

Read this advice to discover the benefits that a coastal and marine National Park could have. Discover how a Park could work in practice and find out which Scottish coastal areas were identified as possible locations for the Park.

Pages: 74
Published: 2006

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