The siting and design of aquaculture in the landscape - visual and landscape considerations

Marine fin fish and shellfish farming in Scotland are well established. Salmon and mussel farming are still the mainstays of the industry. But oyster farming, scallop lines and other types of fin fish farming also contribute to the development of this dynamic industry.

This document updates guidance first published by SNH in 2000. The revised guidance takes account of the wider range of aquaculture developments today, and also current trends in siting and technology. It’s aimed at those who develop and manage aquaculture facilities, those who are consulted on new facilities and those making decisions on development applications.

Find out how to assess and address the landscape and visual impact of marine aquaculture developments. This guidance will ensure that everyone involved in aquaculture developments is well informed on landscape issues. You’ll also find a clear framework for making positive decisions about the siting and design of onshore and marine-based facilities.

Pages: 57
Published: 2011

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