Map of Canna Dives

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Dive Site 1 – Basking Sharks & Plankton

Basking sharks can grow up to 12 metres long and their huge bodies are nourished entirely by plankton soup!

Dive Site 2 – Life in the Sound of Canna

The Sound of Canna supports many plants and animals that are important in Scottish seas (Priority Marine Features) and thrive in its relatively sheltered waters.

Dive Site 3 – Shelf Deeps & Northern Sea Fan Communities

Shelf deeps are scars in the seabed that can support a range of habitats, including northern sea fan and sponge communities.

Dive Site 4 – Minke Whales & Sandeels

Minke whales are attracted to the highly productive waters around the Small Isles to feed on the dense schools of fish in the area, such as sandeels.