Sites of Special Scientific Interest - a guide for land managers

Do you own or occupy an area that has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)? If so, this is the booklet for you. Find out how we work with you during designation and then help you to maintain, enhance or even restore the SSSI in this informative booklet.

These sites represent the best of Scotland’s natural heritage. They are designated as such for their ‘special’ plants, animals, habitats, rocks and/or landforms. By conserving SSSIs, we are protecting Scotland’s nature and the many benefits it provides us – from regulating water supplies to providing places for outdoor recreation.

When an area is designated as an SSSI, your ownership or occupation is not affected. However, once an area becomes an SSSI, you must have our permission before carrying out an operation requiring consent, i.e. an activity that we believe could damage the natural features of the SSSI.

Learn all there is to know about SSSIs, what you must do as an owner or occupier, and what we, here at SNH, will do to conserve these important areas for Scotland’s natural heritage.

Pages: 36
Published: 2011

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