Scotland's Living Landscapes - Springs and Flushes

Springs and flushes are an important – though neglected – habitat in Scotland’s uplands. Learn about these hidden jewels of the hills in this beautifully illustrated booklet.

You can’t go far in the Scottish hills without hearing the sound of running water. Springs and flushes are the waterlogged patches of vegetation that are the sources of streams. They are home to a wide variety of plants, including some rare species, and are often characterised by brightly coloured mosses and liverworts.

Spring and flushes are also home to a wide range of insects, birds and other animals, including frogs, lizards and adders. In summer dragonflies flit across them and red deer love to wallow in them.

Springs and flushes are also important in Scottish culture and feature often in place names. And, of course, they support the Scottish whisky industry.

Pages: 53
Published: 2003

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