Scotland's Living Landscapes - Coasts

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Scotland has nearly 12,000 kilometres of coastline – much of it remote, unspoilt and strikingly beautiful. From the towering cliffs of Orkney to the sea lochs of Argyll and the beaches of Fife, the range of coastal landscapes is outstanding.

Throughout history the sea has also had an important influence on Scotland’s people, and this continues today. The coast is important for resources such as food and oil, for transporting materials, and for leisure and holidays. A significant proportion of Scotland’s population also lives within a few kilometres of the sea.

Find out about this constantly changing environment, the unique habitats, landforms and wildlife and the many pressures they face.

This booklet is part of the Living Landscapes series. It looks at habitats, how and why they develop, the wildlife they are home to and the cultural heritage associated with them.

Pages: 32
Published: 1998

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