Species on the Edge - Community Involvement

Human activities have contributed to the decline of some species but people are also at the heart of reversing these. Working with and through communities, local initiatives and land managers, we will create opportunities for people to get involved in efforts to save these species for future generations.

Species on the Edge - Infographic - People power


Infographic - Areas and targets for Species on the Edge community and people engagement action.

Skills and training

We are committed to offering opportunities to build skills and knowledge in communities. Through workshops, volunteering and training opportunities we will work with communities to identify barriers to participation, equality or inclusion and develop a programme to overcome this. We will also invest in a programme of internship and mentoring, supporting a new generation of conservationists to gain training and skills.

Participants learning from a ranger on a tree-planting course

Conversations for Conservation

Local participation and contributions are central to the success of the programme. However, some of the species are of wider national and international importance, so it is important that the knowledge and expertise within communities and participants are included in these wider discussions. To assist this, we will support ‘Conversations for Conservation’ using discussions, immersive arts, cultural projects and innovative technologies to provide a conduit for local contributions to be heard on a wider platform. Our aim is to reach an estimated 20,000 others.

Young child entranced by moths display at exhibition.