Biodiversity Science Conference

2018 Biodiversity Science Conference

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh 5-6 November 2018

Biodiversity Conservation Post 2020: New Challenges and New Approaches

The run up to 2020 is a critical time for biodiversity conservation, both nationally and internationally.  Species and habitat conservation faces a wide range of well-known but also new and poorly-understood challenges.  However, new initiatives and rapid changes in technology and thinking bring the promise of new solutions. 

At this year's Scottish Biodiversity Strategy Science conference we will consider some of the new challenges facing biodiversity conservation and the novel and innovative solutions biodiversity science can offer.

The conference will run from 13:00, Monday, 5 November to 13:00, Tuesday, 6 November.  It will focus on four main themes:

  • Species health and management
  • Landscape scale conservation
  • Climate change
  • Public engagement

Each session will include an overview keynote presentation, detailed talks on specific issues and short speed talks.

A poster session on the afternoon of Monday, 5 November will be followed by a keynote presentation on the evening of 5 November at RBGE, with a wine reception immediately afterwards.

We are delighted that Jane Smart, Global Director, IUCN Biodiversity Conservation Group and Director, IUCN global Species Programme has agreed to give our keynote talk.

Please note you will need to register separately to attend the evening event on 5 November - there is no extra cost for attending this event.

Speed talks and posters - We are keen to receive offers of speed talks and posters from meeting delegates.  These are a chance for you to tell us about the novel and interesting science you've been doing.

  • Speed talks should be a maximum of 2 minutes and must address one of the four conference session themes (see above and the draft programme).  If you would like to offer a speed talk please send an email to including the talk title, a note of the conference session in which you think it will fit, and a maximum of 100 word abstract outlining the talk.
  • Posters can be about any science relevant to biodiversity conservation in Scotland.  If you would like to offer a poster please send an email to including a maximum 100 word abstract outlining the poster.

Please submit your abstracts for speed talks and posters by Friday 7 October at the latest.  We will confirm whether your offer of a poster or speed talk has been accepted by Friday 14 October.

The Biodiversity Science Conference is held every 12–18 months. It was most recently held on 9 November 2016 at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The theme was ‘Connecting People and Environment’. You can read summaries and presentations from the conference.