Revenue flow diagrams for natural capital and ecosystem services - 2019

The following diagrams aim to capture how investments in conservation or nature-based solutions could lead to ecosystem services that provide revenues for the private and public sectors.  Of the five interventions analysed, three look at a single intervention or natural capital asset (salt-marshes; peatland restoration; and natural flood management), and two focus on more complex projects with multiple natural capital assets leading to a range of benefits (green infrastructure and Landscape Enterprise Networks).

The diagrams are derived from work undertaken to explore how to diversify and increase investment in nature by focusing on opportunities offering direct financial returns to public and private investors. As such, the benefits described in the diagrams offer a limited view of the full range of, less quantifiable, services that nature-based solutions can deliver.

Revenue flows for 5 nature-based solutions: natural flood management, peatland restoration, saltmarsh restoration, green infrastructure, and Landscape Enterprise Networks.

Pages: 5
Published: 2019

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