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Renewable energy contacts

See who to contact to learn more about our approach to renewable energy policies and for guidance on renewable technologies.

To discuss a specific renewable energy development or proposal, please contact the relevant Scottish Natural Heritage area office.

You should email all enquiries about onshore renewables to [email protected]

You should email all enquiries about marine renewables (including offshore wind) to [email protected]

Press enquiries about our involvement in renewable energy or specific applications should go to our Media Relations Team.

Renewable energy policies and guidance contacts

Brendan Turvey
Expertise: renewable energy policy, Renewable Energy Service Level Statement
Telephone: 01738 458 622
Email: [email protected]

Kenny Taylor
Expertise: hydropower, micro-renewables, onshore wind, learning visits
Telephone: 07901 008 450
Email: [email protected]

George Lees
Expertise: marine renewables policy and guidance
Telephone: 01738 458 621
Email: [email protected]

Erica Knott
Expertise: marine renewables casework
Telephone: 01738 458 674
Email: [email protected]