Red deer research on the Isle of Rum NNR: management implications

The Isle of Rum is the focus of the world’s longest running research study of a deer population. This booklet provides an accessible summary of the intensive research that’s centred on Rum National Nature Reserve (NNR) since 1972.

Many of the research findings are particularly relevant to deer managers, and this booklet is written for them. It deals with counting and ageing methods, plus aspects of ecology such as range use, density effects on survival, and how weather affects calving and antler casting.

The pioneering red deer research on Rum NNR has shaped deer management practices in Scotland and beyond. Deer managers can find inspiration for how to make the most of deer as a sporting asset in ways that also help to protect the natural heritage. 

Professors Josephine Pemberton and Loeske Kruuk of the University of Edinburgh wrote the booklet. Its foreword is by the former Scottish Natural Heritage Chairman Ian Ross and former Scottish Government Director of Environment and Forestry, Bob McIntosh.

Published: 2015
Pages: 13

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