Re-introduction of the European beaver to Scotland - A Public Consultation

Studies by SNH show that it is ecologically feasible to re-establish viable populations of European beaver in Scotland.

We have assessed the likely impacts of this and believe that re-introducing the beaver would restore a missing element in our natural heritage. It would also contribute to more favourable status of the species at a European level. Finally, re-introduction would boost freshwater ecology and provide opportunities for wildlife tourism. It’s thought unlikely that beavers would have undue adverse impact on existing land uses or businesses.

But we need to find out whether this re-introduction is wanted by those who live in, work in and enjoy Scotland’s countryside. We need to make an informed decision on whether this work should proceed.

This document summarises the results of current research and assesses potential re-introduction against guidelines agreed internationally. Importantly, it also invites comment on whether this is something we should do.

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