Spring. Loch Maree area from head of Glen Docherty. Evening light. Beinn Eighe NNR. Wester Ross ©John MacPherson/SNH. For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or www.nature.scot

Wester Ross Scenic Photo Project

Grab your camera and pick a location. We need your help to chart how the Wester Ross landscape is changing.

Wester Ross is a National Scenic Area with spectacular landscapes. Coasts, lochs, crofts and mountains – they all help to build the identity of a very special landscape that tells the story of the processes and people in its history.

Repeat photographs taken at six viewpoints across Wester Ross National Scenic Area (NSA) will build a visual timeline of the changing landscape. All viewpoints are next to a car park or layby and their vistas reveal some of the special qualities that make Wester Ross so exceptional.

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take part in this citizen science project, and any camera will do – from digital SLR to mobile phone.

Just pick one or more viewpoints and start snapping. The most important thing is to recreate as closely as possible the example photo for your chosen viewpoint.

Find out more and view the example photos in Wester Ross Scenic Photo Project: How to find the locations and take the photos.

Be sure to download the instructions before you set off – many of the viewpoint areas have poor mobile reception.

Share your images

You should upload your images to our Scenic Photo map below. To begin, click on the viewpoint location on the map or select where the photo was taken using the drop-down menu.

Give us your feedback

Wester Ross Scenic Photo Project is a pilot, so your feedback can really help us to develop the project further. Tell us what you thought of taking part by completing our Wester Ross Scenic Photos feedback survey. You can also highlight any problems that you came across – either on the ground or online.

Project background

Our project is linked to the Cairngorms Scenic Photo Posts project, run by the Cairngorms National Park to explore ways to record landscape change.

Find out more

Wester Ross Scenic Photo Leaflet

Wester Ross Scenic Photo poster

National Scenic Areas: scenic Photo Project – Terms and Conditions