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Monach Isles NCMPA

Protecting a black guillemot breeding colony’s coastal feeding grounds is the main aim of Monach Isles Nature Conservation MPA.

The islands’ complex submarine landscape is also recognised by the NCMPA as an integral part of Scotland’s geodiversity. It was shaped by the passage of glaciers across the continental shelf at the end of the last Ice Age.

Conservation objectives

Conserve the protected features of the Monach Isles NCMPA

Protected features

Biodiversity: black guillemot


  • marine geomorphology of Scottish shelf seabed
  • Quaternary of Scotland – landscape of areal glacial scour


Monach Isles Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area Order 2014

Monach Isles Marine Protected Area: Site summary -  Remote and wild islands

Monach Isles MPA boundary map

Monach Isles MPA: Data confidence assessment

Monach Isles MPA: Assessment against the MPA Selection Guidelines

Monach Isles MPA: Management options


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