The underside of a juvenile common sunstar Croassaster papposus hanging on seaweed.Photographer: Laura Clark (SNH). © SNH. All rights reserved. Please contact CMEU for details -

Clyde Sea Sill NCMPA

Clyde Sea Sill Nature Conservation MPA encompasses a persistent thermal front and an important area for black guillemots.

This NCMPA is located where the waters of the Irish Sea meet the calmer, less saline waters of the Clyde Sea, which creates the thermal front.

Its boundary stretches from the Mull of Kintyre to the Rhins of Galloway and includes the waters around the Sanda, Sheep and Glunimore islands.

Conservation objectives

Conserve the protected features of the Clyde Sea Sill NCMPA

Protected features


  • black guillemot
  • circalittoral and offshore sand and coarse sediment communities
  • fronts

Geodiversity: marine geomorphology of the Scottish shelf seabed – sand banks, sand ribbon fields, sand wave fields


Clyde Sea Sill NCMPA - designation documents


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