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Close up of horse mussel bed, Modiolus modiolus, with the sea squirt, Pyura microcosmus. Graham Saunders © SNH. All rights reserved. Please contact CMEU for details -

Noss Head NCMPA

Noss Head Nature Conservation MPA was designated to protect the largest known horse mussel bed anywhere in Scottish waters.

Horse mussel beds are an important habitat as they provide:

  • food and shelter for young fish and crabs
  • a solid foundation on which soft corals, sea firs and tube worms can anchor

This NCMPA covers around 8 square kilometres of coastal waters off Wick on Scotland’s north-east coast.

Conservation objectives

Conserve the protected features of the Noss Head NCMPA

Protected features

Biodiversity: horse mussel beds


Noss Head Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area Order 2014

Noss Head Marine Protected Area: Site summary - Home to the largest horse mussel bed in Scotland

Noss Head MPA boundary map

Noss Head MPA: Data confidence assessment

Noss Head MPA: Assessment against the MPA Selection Guidelines

Noss Head MPA: Management options


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