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Small Isles Nature Conservation MPA is home to the UK’s only known colony of rare fan mussels.

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Designated to protect one of Scotland’s most diverse seabed habitats, the Small Isles NCMPA covers over 800 square kilometres of waters around the islands of Rum, Canna and the low-lying rocky islet of Oigh-sgeir. It also envelops the Sound of Canna, a submerged valley that drops away to a depth of more than 250m and holds one of Scotland's treasures – the UK's only colony of rare fan mussels.

Conservation objectives

Conserve the protected features of the Small Isles NCMPA

Protected features


  • black guillemot
  • burrowed mud
  • circalittoral sand and mud communities
  • fan mussel aggregations
  • horse mussel beds
  • northern feather star aggregations on mixed substrata
  • northern sea fan and sponge communities
  • shelf deeps
  • white cluster anemones

Geodiversity: Quaternary of Scotland – glaciated channels/troughs, glacial lineations, meltwater channels, moraines, streamlined bedforms

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