Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas

Explore a selection of the Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas designated in Scotland’s territorial waters.

In order to strengthen the MPA network, Scottish Ministers designated a suite of Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (NCMPAs). Some of these can be explored below. Information on all the sites within the MPA network can be found on our SiteLink page. 

Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas

Our interactive map shows the 18 NCMPAs designated within 12 nautical miles of Scotland’s coast.

You can find out about the offshore NCMPAs on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee website.

Discover some of the amazing plants and animals that the network protects. Watch our video about Scotland’s MPA network:

Scotland’s MPA network (Click for a full description)

Common skate; black guillemot; deep-sea sponges; ancient maerl beds and one of the oldest living creatures on Earth! This video explores some of the amazing plants, animals and habitats that are protected through Scotland's MPA network.

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