Scoping an upland vision

The Scottish Government's Land Use Strategy proposes to scope the potential to develop a strategic vision for the uplands. NatureScot has undertaken this scoping project.

Report from SNH to the Scottish Government front cover

Scoping an upland vision

Report from NatureScot to the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government's Land Use Strategy for 2016-2021 includes a proposal to "scope the potential to develop a strategic vision for the uplands, exploring the multiple benefits they provide and how they can contribute to climate change targets". NatureScot was commissioned to carry out this project.

We discussed this with a wide range of interests, inviting views on a list of key questions which included:

  • how to define the uplands;
  • key benefits they provide;
  • key land use issues and;
  • how a vision could be developed.

This process resulted in contributions from a wide range of key stakeholders. Our report is now available and includes a number of broad recommendations which could inform the development of an upland vision if Ministers decide to proceed.

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