Central Scotland Green Network: habitat networks

View habitat network maps covering the entire Central Scotland Green Network for a variety of habitat types.

You can use these maps alongside local knowledge and other data sets to inform decision making in the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) area. NB. This is distinct from the newer CSGN Habitat Connectivity Map, which can be found on our Natural Spaces website.

The maps show indicative networks for a selection of different habitats. Only the habitat areas that fall into the respective habitat type from land cover information have been assessed.

Integrated habitat network map viewer

Search the map by:

  • entering a place name or postcode
  • using the zoom and pan tools to navigate to an area
  • holding down the shift key and clicking on the map to make a box around an area of interest

Interactive habitat network user tool

You can use our interactive geographic information system (GIS) tool for free without any specialist software or previous GIS expertise. It covers the CSGN area, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and the Scottish Borders.

View and zoom in on maps of existing habitats and networks. You can also try out land management scenarios by drawing a shape on the map, assigning a land use and viewing the effects on existing habitats and networks.

GIS data sets

You can download the GIS data for the maps from our Natural Spaces portal.

User notes

To find out what the maps mean and how to interpret them, view Central Scotland Green Network Integrated Habitat Network: Key messages

Read guidance on using the NatureScot Interactive habitat network user tool.

For more detail on using the GIS data sets, view Annex 1: IHN technical data

NatureScot supports the Central Scotland Green Network, which aims to make the central belt’s green and blue spaces more accessible.

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