Our funding

In 2017/18, Scottish Natural Heritage will provide £3m in grant support to projects that focus on our priorities for people and nature.

The funding we provide to support natural heritage projects underlines our commitment to work with land managers, charities and others to invest in nature and bring more benefits to more people.

In light of a changing funding and policy context, we’ll target our approach to deliver the priority outcomes in our corporate plan. Doing so will also support the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government.

To focus on our priorities, we must make choices and work collaboratively with partners to deliver our shared outcomes.

We expect to offer one-off challenge funds to focus action in priority areas. We will announce the first of these in 2017. Further challenge funds are likely to be used to support the delivery of our new corporate plan. We’ll no longer make an open call for applications.

We encourage you to seek funding from a range of sources for your natural heritage project. Find out about other sources of funding.