Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund outcomes and themes

refurbished visitor centre at Beinn Eighe NNR


The Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund will create local and social benefits by supporting the delivery of new facilities, products or services.  Benefits will include enhancing the quality of the visitor experience while increasing jobs and spending by visitors.

Successful projects will contribute to the following outcomes and horizontal themes.  To be eligible, projects must primarily relate to the natural and cultural heritage assets of the Highlands and Islands and will be assessed against how well they deliver on the following outcomes. Projects are not required to deliver on every outcome, but are more likely to be successful in funding if they deliver on two or more.

  • Outcome 1 - Heritage assets of the transition region are more accessible and better promoted
  • Outcome 2 - The quality of visitor experience to the heritage assets is enhanced
  • Outcome 3 - New products, services and jobs based on heritage assets are created
  • Outcome 4 - There is coordinated promotion and interpretation of heritage assets across the region

The ERDF 2014-2020 programme has Horizontal Themes which cut across all the activity it funds. Challenge Fund projects will be assessed against the principles of the Horizontal Themes. There will be monitoring during and after delivery so projects must build these themes into their applications.

  • Horizontal Theme 1 – Sustainable Development
  • Horizontal Theme 2 – Equal Opportunities and non-discrimination
  • Horizontal Theme 3 – Equality between men and women