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​Looking after Scotland’s nature and landscapes isn’t our responsibility alone. Funding helps land managers, charities and others to contribute too.

Scottish Natural Heritage is committed to working with others to invest in Scotland’s nature and landscapes and bring more benefits to more people.

In 2018/19, we will distribute some £2.5 million in funding to natural heritage projects whose priorities tie in with our own.

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Peatland Action

Peatland Action offers funding for peatland restoration projects in support of the Climate Change Plan outcomes.

Resident greylag geese - Transitional Challenge Fund

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) invites local goose management groups (LGMGs) to apply for support to establish sustainable approaches to managing resident greylag (RGL) goose populations in 2019/20. The aim is to enable farmers and crofters to protect their crops from serious agricultural damage while also maintaining the conservation status of resident greylag geese populations.

Green Infrastructure Scotland

We are also the lead partner for the ERDF Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention which will distribute £8m during its first phase through the Green Infrastructure Fund and the Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund.

Whatever your project, you should seek funding from a range of sources to ensure that you get it off the ground. We offer a useful list of some of the most widely used funding sources for natural heritage projects.

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