Peatland ACTION - How do I assess the condition of my peatland?

Collecting information on peatland condition will allow us to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from this habitat. And when this information is collated with data from other restoration projects, it will provide a picture of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands across the country.

There are four categories of peatland condition: 1. Near-Natural; 2. Modified; 3. Drained; and 
4. Actively Eroding.

This guide will help you to identify each of these key categories on the basis of various indicators of condition including: the amount of Sphagnum moss; the dominance of heather and scrub; evidence of burning or over-grazing; the presence of drainage ditches or grips; erosive features (such as hags and gullies); or areas of bare, un-vegetated peat.

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