NatureScot Commissioned Report 963 - Meeting the challenge of wild deer research to support delivery of sustainable deer management in Scotland

This project set out to identify research and evidence gaps that must be addressed to achieve the aims of Scotland’s Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA). Information gathered from workshops, an online survey and an extensive literature review of deer research was analysed to identify gaps.

The report sets out findings in relation to the five WDNA priorities:

  • Collaboration and effective deer management planning and implementation;
  • Healthy ecosystems;
  • Lowland and urban deer;
  • Economic and community development;
  • Training and wild deer welfare.

The report recommends that we make existing research more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. As part of the same project, an interactive website was built to enable easy access to deer research relevant to the WDNA priorities. Visit the Wild Deer Resource Scotland website.

NatureScot, Forestry Commission Scotland and the Scottish Government funded and oversaw the production of the report.

Pages: 159
Published: 2017

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