NatureScot Commissioned Report 766: Manual of terrestrial EUNIS habitats in Scotland

NatureScot has adopted EUNIS, the European Nature Information System, as our standard habitat classification system for terrestrial habitat data and mapping.

Our manual interprets and adapts EUNIS for use in Scotland and correlates EUNIS habitats with habitat types listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive.

Correspondence tables help to support translation between EUNIS and the main national habitat classifications and lists.

Classifications and lists covered by the tables include:

  • the National Vegetation Classification
  • UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat types
  • Phase 1 categories
  • habitat features on Sites of Special Scientific Interest

See also Manual of terrestrial EUNIS habitats in Scotland - correspondence tables.

These versions of the manual and correspondence tables include the minor revisions made in 2017.

Pages: 56
Published: 2017


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