NatureScot Commissioned Report 575: Herbivore Impact Assessment of the Torridon Forest SSSI

NatureScot initiated a herbivore impact assessment on Torridon Forest SSSI after site condition monitoring highlighted potential issues of deer pressure on several of the upland habitats. This work was carried out in collaboration with the National Trust for Scotland, the land owner of the majority of the site and will be used to inform management of the SSSI. Beinn Eighe SSSI had a similar assessment carried out on its upland features in 2010 and the two reports will also be used to consider future collaborative management of the wider area which makes up part of Loch Maree Complex SAC. This report provides detail of the survey method, results and interpretation of the result. Additional survey work was commissioned by the NTS which is not published here but mention is made to it when reviewing overall impacts on the site.

Pages: 30
Published: 2013

NatureScot Commissioned Report 575

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