NatureScot Commissioned Report 558: Establishing trees without fences in Scotland

Browsing by deer can detrimentally affect both planted and naturally regenerated young trees. Since deer move across land ownership boundaries, even heavy culling cannot always reduce browsing pressure on young trees to levels that will meet tree regeneration objectives. Additionally, many land owners want to maintain deer numbers higher than are compatible with successful tree regeneration. Fencing is not always an alternative due to practicality, cost and potentially negative impact on access, landscape and biodiversity. As a result, other means of protecting trees from deer are needed. This report reviews a range of different potential approaches, recommends those that are likely to be suitable for Scotland and provides an outline of trials that might be carried out at Creag Meagaidh and Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserves.

Pages: 58
Published: 2013

NatureScot Commissioned Report 558