NatureScot Board meeting - 29 January 2020

NatureScot Board Meeting - Wednesday 29 January 2020

Silvan House, Edinburgh. 

Start Time: 09:45

Agenda Items

1.Unconfirmed Minutes and Action Points*
2.Chair's Report**
3.Deputy Chair's Report**
4.Q3 Performance Report 2019/2020
5.Connection People & Nature - Year 3 Budget Allocation*
6.A Nature Rich Future - 2030*
7.Refreshing the policy framework for rangering in Scotland
8.Deep Dive - National Nature Reserves*
9.Land Transfer - Glencripesdale**
10.Rum Deer Project*
11.Chief Executive's Report**
12.Landscape, people and places - NatureScot-HES joint Statement - Info Paper

* indicates paper is Official-Sensitive.
** Verbal update - no paper

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