Naturally Scottish - Seals

The rugged Scottish coastline, speckled with calm inlets and secluded beaches, is the perfect habitat for both common and grey seals. Find out how the lives of these beautiful creatures weave with our own in Callan Duck’s superb study of Scotland’s seals.

This booklet provides an overview of all aspects of the lives of these Scottish residents. Find out how to identify common and grey seals, as well as the numbers of seals found off our coastlines. Delve into the details of their lives, including their annual cycle, breeding and feeding. And discover the other seals and species that have been known to visit our shores.

For those interested in seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild, there are sections on where to find seals and the things to bear in mind when watching them. But first you must understand the myriad threats facing seals – from disease and natural predators to climate change and direct human threats – and find out what you can do to help.

Pages: 57
Published: 2007

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