Europe’s severely threatened habitats and species are protected by EU law (the Birds and Habitats Directives). Natura 2000 is the network of nature conservation sites across Europe identified under these directives. Read this booklet to discover how Scotland contributes to Natura – from its marine to its moorland habitats.

Scotland is internationally renowned for its spectacular variety of bird, animal and plant life. But some of these species are under threat, as are the habitats on which they depend. Scotland’s Natura sites help to protect this wonderful array of wildlife and natural heritage. This booklet outlines just some of the many examples of Natura sites across Scotland.

Find out how Scottish Natura sites have been selected and how they are managed and monitored in this wonderfully informative booklet. You can also read case studies of a handful of schemes that have taken place at these sites.

Pages: 17
Published: 2018

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