Montane Scrub: Natural Heritage Management

Montane scrub is the mixture of ‘dwarf shrubs’ that forms a natural zone between the treeline and the high montane heath. Hardly any of this special habitat remains in Scotland. It is crucial that we protect and restore the remnants of montane scrub that survive.

Montane scrub comprises ling heather, blaeberry and bog blaeberry and other woody plants that can survive at such altitudes. It is valuable as it helps to prevent erosion, adds to our scenery and provides a haven for nesting birds and a food source for other animals.

Woodland once covered Scotland’s straths and glens and spread up the hillsides, and work to restore some of this has got off to an encouraging start. But restoration efforts have stopped at the altitude above which foresters believe trees won’t grow – which overlooks the value of montane heath.

Read this booklet to find out more about montane scrub and its restoration, which will return Scotland’s hills to their former glory.

Published: 2002
Pages: 39

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