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Minerals and the Natural Heritage in Scotland's Midland Valley

Minerals extraction has arguably the greatest range of impacts upon the natural heritage of any form of development. How significant these impacts are often depends on the scale, reversibility and duration of mineral working.

The Midland Valley has felt the impacts of mineral working more than anywhere else in Scotland, given its number and density of quarries. This report, published in 2000, presents the results of a project that looked at our approach to minerals related casework in the area.

Mineral developments may affect:

  • sites of nature conservation
  • sites of geological or earth heritage value
  • landscape character
  • the wider enjoyment of the countryside
  • the environment well beyond a site boundary – e.g. through dust pollution and impacts on groundwater

Our report is aimed mainly at NatureScot Area Officers, but planning authorities and mineral operators may also find it useful. It contains sensitivity maps and strategic datasets and guidance on how to assess natural heritage sensitivity to mineral development proposals.

Pages: 74
Published: 2000

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