Management for People

Read about the Management for People system and toolkit. This was prepared by NatureScot and tested at a number of sites in the Scottish countryside. It’s part of our contribution to the Tourism and Environment Forum. The system is intended to improve the management of visitors at countryside sites and the quality of visitors’ experiences.

The Management for People system and toolkit is for anyone responsible for looking after a countryside or heritage site. Whatever your role, we guarantee you’ll find something useful in this report. The system and toolkit will help you meet the needs of visitors on your site. It will allow you to alter your site management for people and put you in a better position to anticipate, react to, plan and improve what resources you need.

The Management for People system and toolkit has five modules:

• Involving and communicating with people
• Planning and setting objectives
• Visitor care and welfare
• Monitoring
• Analysis and assessment

Pages: 57
Published: 2004

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